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h1. SAIBA - Multimodal Behavior Generation Framework 
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Hannes Vilhjalmsson, Norman Badler, Lewis Johnson, Stefan Kopp, Brigitte Krenn, Stacy Marsella, Andrew N. Marshall, Catherine Pelachaud, Hannes Pirker, Kristinn R. Thorisson
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The generation of natural multimodal output for embodied conversational agents requires a time-critical production process with high flexibility. To scaffold this production process and encourage sharing and collaboration, a working group of ECA researchers has introduced the SAIBA framework (Situation, Agent, Intention, Behavior, Animation). The framework specifies multimodal generation at a macro-scale, consisting of processing stages on three different levels: (1) planning of a communicative intent, (2) planning of a multimodal realization of this intent, and (3) realization of the planned behaviors.