Visual Studio 2005

By downloading you agree to have read the CMLabs
NC License / PBL License and be bound by their terms.

To use Psyclone you will need to download the main Psyclone executable:

Psyclone™ 1.1.7 nc
Oct 2007 Windows Psyclone Executable DOWNLOAD
How to unpack Psyclone How to run Psyclone
Please read this if you are using Visual Studio 2005

Use Winzip to unpack

Psyclone SDK 1.1.7 nc
Oct 2007 Windows SDK for Psyclone DOWNLOAD
How to unpack the SDK How to run the SDK

or one or more of the A.I.R. Plugs:

Java AIR Plug 1.1.7 bsd
Oct 2007 AIR Plug for Java DOWNLOAD
Unpacking Java AIR Plug How to run Java AIR Plug
Cpp AIR Plug 1.1.7 bpl
Oct 2007 Windows AIR Plug for C++ DOWNLOAD
Unpacking Cpp AIR How to run Cpp AIR
More AIR Plugs Plugs for other programming languages
We have been working with MINDMAKERS.ORG to make the AIR protocol completely open and free. For more information see the OpenAIR page.