How do I run Psyclone?

To simply run Psyclone without any modules you need to enter the following command on the command line in the directory


and you will see Psyclone starting up with a default bulit-in psySpec which merely creates two Whiteboards and no modules.

The default port of Psyclone is 10000, which can be changed by either setting the port=12000 command line parameter or by specifying a different port inside the psySpec file, also given as a command line parameter spec=myspec.xml. If port 10000 for some reason is occupied on your computer Psyclone will automatically choose another port and let you know when it starts up.

Normally, one would create a psySpec configuration file to tell Psyclone what to do in terms of which Whiteboards to create, which modules to configure, etc. This is done on the command line with

./psyclone[version]ncl spec=myspec.xml

You can read more about how to create a psySpec in the Psyclone manual.

The full specification of the Psyclone Server command line is

./psyclone[version]ncl [port=[port]] [spec=[spec file]] [html=[html dir]] [verbose=[verbose level]]

where [port] is the Psyclone main TCP/IP port, [spec file] Psyclone XML configuration file, [html dir] the place to find the HTML files for built-in server and [verbose level] how much information to print to the console.