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h1. Home
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Would you like to access great AI software made by hundreds of developers? Would you like to contribute to the progress of AI by making your own software available to the AI community at large? This is the basic idea behind _MINDMAKERS.ORG_. We believe that if only a small portion of the community participates, progress in the field could nevertheless be significantly increased.
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bq. The mission of MINDMAKERS.ORG is to further development of large integrated artificial intelligence systems, with a strong focus on real-time human-humanoid interaction, collaboration and human-like intelligence.
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h2. Beta Testing Guidelines
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* As first users of a complex system, whose design is a first-draft, reading the " Help Files": is *highly recommended* to gain an overview of the system!
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* We need to be especially conscientious in sticking to procedure when it comes to feedback and reporting bugs. This includes writing down important Q&A when you think it could benefit other users (present or future).
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h2. Support
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* Contact {{user_link(hrafn)}} or {{user_link(heida)}} for further support. 
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h2. Why Join?
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For over 50 years most AI researchers have been working on isolated parts of the intelligence problem. With plenty to do and highly disparate approaches, work has progressed without much collaboration between institutions. Now this is beginning to change. 
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Advanced humanoid robot platforms and an increased interest in general intelligence press home the point that integrated skills are required to solve the general intelligence problem. 
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* In developing integrated AI systems, collaboration is key
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* The Mindmakers site gives any qualified researcher a space to host their projects. With full project management support, source control, wiki and forum, you are free to use these features in any combination that suits your needs
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bq. "Register now!":
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h2. Project Hosting
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Uploading your AI project, software, course materials, art project, or paper to _MINDMAKERS_ is easy: Create an account, create a project page, and then upload everything in a few easy steps.
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h3. Per project features
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** Wiki, forums, issue trackers, version trackers, time trackers
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** News, activity feeds, documents & files management
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** RSS feeds & email notifications