An issue is bound to a project, owned by a user, can be related to a version, etc.

Adding a new issue

Users can create a new issue when they meet the roles and permissions configured by the Mindmakers Administrator (Role: Issue Tracking > Add Issues).
When creating a new issue, one of the most important items is the tracker field, which defines the nature of the issue. By default, Mindmakers comes with three different trackers: bug, feature, and support.

Updating an existing issue

When updating an issue, simply click on the subject.

Then this widow appears:

If you click the update button on the upper right side, a screen appears on the bottom of the page where you can note your comments, and depending on your role, change other features such as status, priority or who you assign a project to.

Editing an existing issue’s Subject or Description

In order to edit an existing issue, your role has to have the Issue Tracking > Edit Issues right. This right gives you a (More) link after the Change Properties section title in the "Update issue" panel.

Clicking on the (More) link will bring-up an editable copy of the Subject and Description of the issue.

Screen_shot_2010-01-14_at_1.47.19_PM.png (61.5 kB) , 01/14/2010 01:48 pm

Screen_shot_2010-01-14_at_4.00.36_PM.png (67.9 kB) , 01/14/2010 04:01 pm

Screen_shot_2010-01-14_at_4.02.48_PM.png (97.1 kB) , 01/14/2010 04:35 pm

Screen_shot_2010-01-14_at_4.44.44_PM.png (77.4 kB) , 01/14/2010 04:45 pm