Frequently Asked Questions

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h1. Frequently Asked Questions
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h2. What is the mission of MINDMAKERS.ORG?
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* To support the development of fundamental technologies, tools and development principles which increase collaboration and interoperability of distributed efforts within AI, and provide a platform for exploration and experimentation for artificial intelligence enthusiasts.
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* To further the development of large, integrated, AI systems, with a strong focus on real-time interaction and human-humanoid collaboration.
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* To foster a greater understanding of embodied intelligence, organic and artificial, by bringing together technologies and people whose expertise and ideas will help move the field along. 
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See also [[About|About MINDMAKERS.ORG]].
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h2. What are the main elements of the MINDMAKERS effort?
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The effort has *four parts*:
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* Implementation of working systems built on the OpenAIR specification and other open platforms
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* Development of courseware based on the platform
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* Documentation and storage of software, Web pages and other related resources
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* Discussions related to the above 
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h2. Why join MINDMAKERS.ORG?
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Joining MINDMAKERS has both a symbolic meaning and concrete benefits, including:
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* Ability to upload your own projects
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* Access to membership-only features such as moderated discussion forums
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* Your endorsement of furthering the field of A.I. in a new way, fostering collaboration as well as competition towards more advanced A.I. systems
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* When you join you are a concrete step towards furthering the fields of artificial and natural intelligence, as well as increasing education and opportunities for others to participate in the process. 
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h2. Do we need another A.I. effort?
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Yes.'s focus may be difficult to do well, but it is an effort that is sorely needed in the field of A.I. Even a modest success will be bring about results which could not have been achieved otherwise.
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h2. Is MINDMAKERS.ORG "just for students"?
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No. The effort has a focus to bring together people from academia and industry and foster a collaborative spirit. While we are certain that the educational value of will be very high, deepening understanding of intelligent systems, we are also very optimistic about our approach's ability to contribute directly to the construction of practical systems, along the lines of open source software development, and thus bringing more money to cognitive R&D.
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h2. Does MINDMAKERS.ORG promote a particular cognitive model?
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No. We are open to any model -- in fact, we want MINDMAKERS to help researchers explore a lot of different models, and really, to be a marketplace for ideas and models. So we naturally do not promote any one cognitive model over another. The one theoretical postulation we follow is that intelligent systems can be modeled as communicating modules. However, this is so general as to not even register as a potential point of contention.
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h2. Does MINDMAKERS promote a particular "agent communication language"?
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No. We propose a model for an "agent" or module-based infrastructure to support their communication. This infrastructure has a message semantics and routing protocol (OpenAIR). But just like letters travelling via the postal service, the content inside them is exclusively the domain of the agents' themselves. It is possible that in the future MINDMAKERS may extend this to help standardize agent communication languages in particular, selected domains. In the mean time you'll only find "agent communication languages" on MINDMAKERS by browsing through the projects hosted here.
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h2. Can anyone besides me see a private project that I create? 
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54 6 Kristinn R. Thórisson
Yes, there are two admins with superuser access to the full site. However, they are bound by a confidential agreement - if you want to be sure that no one sees your stuff, don't use Mindmakers!