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Herwin van Welbergen, 01/24/2014 10:35 am


BMLA: Extensions for Fluent Behavior Generation

Research group(s) Sociable Agents, CITEC, Bielefeld University, Human Media Interaction, University of Twente
URL http://asap-project.ewi.utwente.nl/wiki/BMLA
Description Specification capabilities to incrementally construct ongoing behavior plans out of multiple BML blocks, on the fly behavior adaptation and (gracious) interruption of behavior.
Supported by realizers AsapRealizer

BMLT: Keyframe animation, text, physical controllers, playing audio, play morph based facial animation, etc.

Research group(s) Human Media Interaction, University of Twente, Sociable Agents, CITEC, Bielefeld University
URL http://asap-project.ewi.utwente.nl/wiki/BMLT
Description Various extensions for behaviors specific to Elckerlyc (and its successor AsapRealizer)
Supported by realizers AsapRealizer, Elckerlyc