Journal of Artificial General Intelligence

The Journal of Artificial General Intelligence (JAGI) is a peer-reviewed open-access academic journal, supported by the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) research community.

Since the problems in general-purpose intelligence systems are very different from those in special-purpose systems, this journal is different from traditional AI journals in its stress on the long-term potential of the research towards the ultimate goal of AGI, rather than their immediate applications. Articles focused on details of AGI systems are welcome, if they clearly indicate the relation between the special topics and intelligence as a whole, by addressing the generality, extendability, and scalability of the techniques proposed.

Since AGI research is still in its early stage, the journal strongly encourages novel approaches coming from various theoretical and technical traditions, including (but not limited to) symbolic, connectionist, statistical, evolutionary, robotic, information-theoretic, as well as integrative and hybrid approaches.

The journal attempts to achieve high quality through peer review and authors have two options: (a) traditional peer review, or (b) open peer review, during which the submission and its reviews are made open for comments to all members of the AGI community, and authors have an opportunity to publicly explain, defend and revise their submission online, before a decision is made by the Editor. In addition, the authors have an option to remain anonymous during this open review process. All accepted papers will be archived permanently on-line and printed annually, and the discussions on them can continue after publication.