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Hrafn Thorisson, 01/22/2010 07:50 pm

Welcome to the AGI-Network

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is an emerging field aiming at the building of "thinking machines", that is, general-purpose systems with intelligence comparable to the human mind. While this was the original goal of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the mainstream AI research has turned into domain-dependent and problem-specific solutions, therefore it becomes necessary to use a new name to indicate the research that still pursues the "Grand AI Dream". Similar labels for this kind of research include "Strong AI", "Human-level AI", etc.

The AGI-Network was formed both to foster collaboration among researchers working in the field of Artificial General Intelligence and to educate the public about AGI. This website will attempt to forward these goals both by providing resources where researchers and students can work together in privacy and also by making it easily possible for those researchers and students to interact with and educate the public.

AGI researchers and students pursuing a course of study in AGI may request a personal page where they can describe themselves and their work, post documents and links to external resources, open project pages and wikis, create a blog, start mailing-lists/forums, and perform other activities. Each of these resources can be individually set up to be viewable and/or to accept moderated or un-moderated contributions from the research community and/or the public at large.

The AGI-Network also responsible for the Journal of Artificial General Intelligence (JAGI), a peer-reviewed open-access academic journal, which will be accessible as a portal of this website shortly.

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