July 17 - 30, 2013, Beijing, China

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Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is a research field where the goal is to build computer systems with general intelligence. Comparing with conventional Artificial Intelligence (AI) research, AGI treats intelligence as a unity of cognitive functions that can be applied to different domains, rather than focusing on domain-specific and problem-specific solutions.

In recent years, the AGI community has developed significantly. Now there are conferences (http://www.agi-conf.org), journal (http://www.versita.com/jagi), and other publications, dedicated to AGI research. Even so, currently few institution provides proper educational program for students interested in AGI research. As a remedy, Artificial General Intelligence Society (http://www.agi-society.org/) will organize a Summer School in 2013, to be hosted by the Department of Intelligence Science of Peking University.

This summer school will be held in July 17-30, right before (and collocate with) the Sixth Conference on Artificial General Intelligence (http://www.agi-conf.org/2013/). The summer school students are encouraged to attend the conference.

The two-week school consists of three short courses, each of which introduces a representative AGI project, as well as discusses some general issues in AGI research. The main instructors and their systems are:

See Schedule for details.

The teaching language is English. There is no tuition fee for attending the school, and the students only need to cover their own travel and living expenses. For hotel information, see http://www.agi-conference.org/2013/logistics/.

The school will accept at most 50 students from applicants all over the world. Applications are accepted until all the seats are taken. To apply, email an application letter to to describe the related educational and research background of the applicant. There is no special application form to fill, and the application can have attachments (CV, papers, etc.), though they are not required.

The students of the summer school are expected to have college-level knowledge in artificial intelligence and computer science, though exceptional cases will still be considered, in a case-by-case manner.

The Organizing Committee of the Summer School consists of the instructors, as well as Xihong Wu and Jing (Jane) Chen of Peking University, with Pei Wang as Chair. Queries about the summer school should be sent to .

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AGI Summer School Beijing Final Schedule

Further information about the school will be gradually added into this website.

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