• AGI Network

    Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is an emerging field aiming at the building of "thinking machines", that is, general-purpose systems with intelligence comparable to the human mind.

    • AGI Information and Dictionary

      A catalog of existing and possible approaches to Artificial General Intelligence and an overview of relevant resources. You’ll find everything in the Wiki tab.

    • AGI Summer School 2013

      July 17 - 30, 2013, Beijing, China

      Final Schedule


      Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is a research field where the goal is to build computer systems with general intelligence. Comparing with conventional Artificial Intelligence (AI) research, AGI treats intelligence as a unity of cognitive functions that can be applied to different domains, rather than focusing on domain-specific and problem-specific solutions....

    • AGI-Conf 2012

      Discussion of accepted papers to the AGI-2012 Conference.

      Click on the homepage link below to access the Schedule for AGI-2012 along with links to all accepted papers, or click on the Forums link in the upper right corner to find a thread dedicated to discussion of each paper....

    • Texai

      Texai is commercial project to create an artificial intelligence. The approach is to first construct an English dialog system whose initial goals are to acquire linguistic and common sense skills that improves its own performance.

    • Fractional Reserve Banking Simulation

      The Fractional Reserve Banking Simulation is a python based model of the textbook description of the fractional reserve banking system. It is intended for teaching and research into the behavior of reserve based banking systems.

      • Basel

        Modified Version of FRB for Basel

  • Mindmakers

    The MINDMAKERS.ORG portal is for people collaborating on building large AI systems. It consists of a Project collection, a Forum for discussions and a Wiki for member-contributed material. ...

    • AAAI-Workshop on Modular Construction of Human-Like Intelligence

      Building intelligent systems that can collaborate and interact socially with people requires integrating numerous technologies in complex ways. For the A.I. researcher such integration can involve anything from connecting multiple computers and programming in multiple languages, to integrating several diverse theoretical models of perception, communication, planning and action. ...

    • Eurace

      An agent-based software platform for European economic policy
      design with heterogeneous interacting agents: new insights from a
      bottom up approach to economic modelling and simulation.


      Project for building an intelligent system that can learn complex skills by observation. The 3.5-year project was funded by Europe’s FP7 with participation from 6 universities and companies in Europe, was completed in 2012. Principal Investigators were Dr. Kristinn R. Thórisson and Eric Nivel at Reykjavik University’s AI laboratory CADIA. The results exceeded even the team’s own expectations....

      • AERA

        The Auto-catalytic Endogenous Reflective Architecture (AERA) is an AGI-aspiring project headed by K. R. Thórisson (Reykjavik U. and IIIM) & Eric Nivel (IIIM). It is part of the HUMANOBS project.

    • LIDA - Learning Intelligent Distribution Agent

      The science side of the LIDA cognitive model fleshes out the Global Workspace Theory of consciousness into a full cognitive model of how minds work. The engineering side explores architectural designs for software information agents and cognitive robots that promise more flexible, more human-like intelligence within their domains. The architectures and mechanisms that underlie intelligence and consciousness in humans can be expected to yield information agents, and cognitive robots that learn continually, adapt readily to dynamic environments, and behave flexibly and intelligently when faced with novel and unexpected situations. Visit our homepage for tutorials on the LIDA cognitive model as well as its software framework....

    • Mindmakers for Dummies

      What is this project?

      We are showing a pristine test project that contains no particular information of note, and one subproject with even less information.

      Can I mess around?

      Yes. Anyone has a license to explore and try out new things.

    • Psyclone

      Psyclone is a platform for building hybrid modular, distributed systems. The free downloadable version runs at present on three operating systems, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
      Psyclone bridges platforms and programming languages, helping with the design and implementation of systems with many components that interact in complex ways. ...

    • Representation for Multimodal Generation Workshop

      The overall goal of this workshop was to further the state of research on multimodal generation by enabling (and getting) people in the field to work together.


    The generation of natural multimodal output for embodied conversational agents requires a time-critical production process with high flexibility. To scaffold this production process and encourage sharing and collaboration, a working group of ECA researchers has introduced the SAIBA framework (Situation, Agent, Intention, Behavior, Animation)....

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