[C3] Project OpenCog and the related AGI topics

User documentation

Information about the OpenCog software system

The place to look is the OpenCog wiki site:


A system of reasonably good tutorials can be found here:


These will be augmented a bit during the next week (I’m writing this July 17), in particular with a tutorial regarding how to use OpenCog to control virtual agents in the Unity3D game world.

If you have nitty-gritty questions about OpenCog, the best course is to join the OpenCog Google Group at


and then post questions to the OpenCog developers there.

Also, the two (Hong Kong based) OpenCog developers

"Lake Watkins" <>
"Alex van der Peet" <>,

will be specifically providing support to AGI Summer School students; Lake will be coming to Beijing on July 24, and Alex will be providing support remotely from Hong Kong. However, Lake and Alex will be pretty busy up till July 22 or so, trying to get the OpenCog/Unity3D virtual application in reasonable shape for AGI Summer School students to play with it.

Information about the AGI ideas Underlying OpenCog

This 50 page document reviews the AGI design underlying OpenCog:


This draft non-technical book reviews the general way of thinking behind OpenCog, as well as lots of Ben Goertzel’s thoughts about the Singularity, AI for life extension, how the brain works and so forth: (Note, this is not for public distribution – it’s a draft being provided for AGI Summer School students only !)


This 1000-page technical tome explains lots of the conceptual and mathematical and architectural details underlying OpenCog. The current OpenCog system implements only about 40% of the stuff in here: (Note, this is not for public distribution – it’s a draft being provided for AGI Summer School students only !)