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AGI Summer School Beijing - Schedule & Course List

  • [C1] Project NARS and the related AGI topics Instructor: Pei Wang | READINGS
  • [C2] Constructivist AI and Project AERA Instructors: Kristinn Thorisson and Eric Nivel | READINGS
  • [C3] Project OpenCog and the related AGI topics Instructors: Ben Goertzel and Ruiting Lian | READINGS

All videos are now online in a playlist on YouTube. The videos are also linked below in the schedule. For Chinese people who cannot access YouTube, the videos are available here.


July 17 (Wed)

8:30-11:30am [C1.1] From AI to AGI: Objective and Methodology (video)

Defining intelligence with structure, behavior, capability, function, or principle
Achieving intelligence via hybridization, integration, or unification
Formalizing an intelligent system as a computational system, a dynamic system, or an inferential system

2:00-5:00pm [C2.1] A systems perspective on AGI (video)

Why there is a "G" in "AGI"
Requirements for AGI systems
Methodological considerations - the challenges

July 18 (Thu)

8:30-11:30am [C1.2] NAL-1: The core logic (video)

Term logic
Experience-grounded semantics
Syllogistic rules

2:00-5:00pm [C2.2] Introduction to constructivist thinking (video)

Methodological requirements for AGI
Limitations of traditional software methodologies
Constructivist AI: The 'why’ and the 'what’ - how to meet the challenges

July 19 (Fri)

8:30-11:30am [C1.3] NARS: Memory and control (video)

Dynamic memory
Controlled concurrency
Hands-on with NARS

2:00-5:00pm [C2.3] Agents & intelligence (video)

Agents: Situatedness, embeddedness, awareness
Automatic knowledge acquisition
Introspection, attention, and autonomy

July 22 (Mon)

8:30-11:30am [C1.4] NAL-2 to NAL-4: Compound-term and categorization (video)

Conceptual model
Knowledge representation
Learning as reasoning

2:00-5:00pm [C2.4] Overview of AERA (video)

Operating principles
Models and reasoning

July 23 (Tue)

8:30-11:30am [C1.5] NAL-5 to NAL-6: Higher-order inference (video)

Symbolic reasoning
NAL as a universal meta-logic
Natural language processing

2:00-5:00pm [C1.6] NAL-7 to NAL-9: Procedural inference (video)

Event and temporal relation
Goal, operation, and decision making
Sensorimotor interface
Self-awareness and self-control

July 24 (Wed)

8:30-11:30am [C2.5] Deeper into AERA (video)

AGI-aspiration: How it has determined the design and implementation of AERA
AERA architecture, from top to bottom
AERA processes, AERA models: Meeting the requirements for autonomy, self-organization, and introspection

2:00-5:00pm [C2.6] Hands-on AERA (video)

Tracing and dissecting AERA operation with an illustrative example

July 25 (Thu)

8:30-11:30am [C3.1] Artificial General Intelligence (video)

Defining and Characterizing General Intelligence
State of the Art in AGI
Connecting AGI to Cognitive Science and Neuroscience
Roadmaps to Human-Level AGI and Beyond

2:00-5:00pm [C3.2] Concepts of OpenCog AGI Design (video)

July 26 (Fri)

8:30-11:30am [C3.3] OpenCog Algorithms In Depth (video)

Overview of Learning, Reasoning, Pattern Mining, Language Comprehension and Attention Allocation in OpenCog

2:00-5:00pm [C3.4] (video)

Bridging the Symbolic/ Subsymbolic Gap: Computer Vision, Deep Learning & Robotics from an AGI Perspective
Hands-on with OpenCog – laptop setup and initial introduction

July 29 (Mon)

8:30-11:30am [C3.5] Hands-on with OpenCog (video)

2:00-5:00pm [C3.6] (video)

Hands-on with OpenCog
The Future of AGI: Human-Level AGI is Just the Very Beginning!

July 30 (Tue)

Student Presentations and Panel Discussions

5:30 Banquet at Zhongguanyuan Global Village PKU, Building 1, 2nd Floor