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Keto Power Boost By sustaining a symbiotic relationship with him, by being completely dependent upon her source of masochistic provide (that the narcissist most reliably constitutes and most amply supplies) - the associate enhances sure traits and encourages sure behaviours, that are at the very core of narcissism. Ignorant of the non secular nature of the spiritual intuition, man has created a demarcation between a life lived spiritually, and spiritual devotions to man-made dogmas, typically praising the latter while condemning the previous. The need, nevertheless, is commonly misdirected in appeasing the needs and objectives of the personality that merely retards the life-unit’s sense of divinity, immortality and identity in God. The Pollyanna defences of the abused are aimed towards the rising and horrible understanding that humans are mere specks of mud in a very indifferent universe, the playthings of evil and sadistic forces, of that the narcissist is one - and that finally their pain suggests that nothing to anybody but themselves.