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Hello AGI Summer School students...

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to Beijing until the night of July 24 — it’s an intense period for the AI-based hedge fund I’ve co-founded here in Hong Kong (Aidyia Limited), so there’s a limit to how many days I can viably take off to come to Beijing. 4 days for the AGI Summer School, plus a day for Humanity+ Beijing, plus 4 days for AGI-13 (and an extra weekend day somewhere inbetween there) – that’s already a lot !!

But I have uploaded some material and gathered a few links on OpenCog for y’all, in case you have some spare time and want to start looking into it before I arrive...

These are on the private wiki page:

Enjoy ;) ... and I look forward to seeing y’all in Beijing!

Also, if you have questions, comments etc. about OpenCog or other closely relevant topics, feel free to post them on this forum. I will try to check this forum every day from now till I arrive in Beijing, and respond to any relevant posts here....


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