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I’m a student at the AGI school.

While in Beijing, I’d like to do some nerdy sightseeing. Haidan, apparently, is the silicon valley of China, so I’m interested in seeing what is there. What is visitable?

I’m also considering a day trip on a free day to Tianjin, home of the national supercomputer centre (but unfortunately not the home of Tianhe-2 ). I haven’t asked yet whether they do tours. Is anybody else interested?


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Welcome to Tianjin. I’m from TianJin university. I will attending AGI summer school .

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In my recollection, Haidan is a rather ugly and boring neighborhood. So just going there to look around is not interesting. If you can find some tech company that would like to give you a tour, that might be interesting though. I was in some cool offices there years ago. But from the outside, anyway, it’s just another blah Beijing neighborhood.... Just sayin’ ...

There are many artsy neighborhoods of Beijing with cool galleries and such to see, but you’ll need a Chinese speaker/reader to find them and show you around...

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I understand that Ben sees the world from behind a window of corporate offices. According to assignmentmancouk there are some good places in Haidan. You can definitely travel while you have the time.

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Well I have lots of friends from Beijing China whom I have assisted while creating their medical course work case studies at during their studies in London and they keep insisting to visit China. Now I decide to go to Beijing with them to look the sight of the city

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