On Attention Mechanisms for AGI Architectures: A Design Proposal (Helgason et. al.)

Added by Deon Garrett over 5 years ago

Many existing AGI architectures are based on the assumption of infinite computational resources, as researchers ignore the fact that real-world tasks have time limits, and managing these is a key part of the role of intelligence. In the domain of intelligent systems the management of system resources is typically called “attention”. Attention mechanisms are necessary because all moderately complex environments are likely to be the source of vastly more information than could be processed in realtime by an intelligence’s available cognitive resources. Even if sufficient resources were available, attention could help make better use of them. We argue that attentional mechanisms are not only nice to have, for AGI architectures they are an absolute necessity. We examine ideas and concepts from cognitive psychology for creating intelligent resource management mechanisms and how these can be applied to engineered systems. We present a design for a general attention mechanism intended for implementation in AGI architectures.